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If you are thinking about living in Rowayton CT then keep reading. In the next few minutes I will give you a big picture understanding of the neighborhood. You’ll get a look at the beaches, the village area, the parks, the train station and of course the homes. The nautical vibe of the neighborhood is inescapable. Let’s check it out!

Hi, if you’re new to the channel my name is Charlie Vinci and I’m a local realtor, and my family and I have been in the area for 5 generations. All of the information that I mention below is available right here. If you are seriously considering a move here, you have got to go check it out.

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Rowayton is Norwalk's premiere waterfront neighborhood. If you choose to live in Rowayton, you will have all of the necessities within a few minutes without leaving the neighborhood. The Rowayton train station makes access to NYC a breeze, and will get you to Grand Central in about an hour.

Village Area

The village area just south of the station has everything from a small market, banks, a post office, a hardware store, a barber, shopping and many highly rated and unique restaurants. If you think Rowayton may be a fit, I would recommend grabbing lunch or dinner in the village while exploring the area.

The updated Rowayton map on our website has every location I mention in this article, so go ahead and download it to make exploring the area fun and easy.

One thing that makes Rowayton stand out is its nautical feel, which comes in part from the historic village area, shops, the adjacent docks and marinas which line the harbor. In the summer months, the smell of salt in the air, and the sound of sailboat rigging clanking can be heard, and you will likely run into your neighbors and friends.

If you like to kayak, it’s worth knowing that you can launch a kayak right from the village area. 


If you like to walk, run or ride your bike, the area is well suited for this type of lifestyle. You can make your way to several small parks in the village area, in my opinion the best one is Pinkney Park which sits along the water's edge. It has gazebo which would make great place for a picnic

Another great option would be the Rowayton Community Center with its library, dog park, community garden and tennis courts. Right behind it is Rowayton Elementary School with its baseball and soccer fields. 

To the south of the Rowayton Community Center you could also explore Farm Creek Preserve with its walking trails and spectacular water views.


While we are on the subject of schools, you will find Roton middle school and Brian McMahon High School to the north, both are just minutes anywhere in the community. While I am limited about what I can say about the schools, I can compile the information for you so you can make a good decision for your family. You will find everything you need in our Norwalk Buyers guide.


Another neighborhood favorite is Bayley Beach, it’s private to Rowayton residents which usually keeps it from getting overcrowded. Besides the beautiful beach, you also have a playground, basketball court, volleyball, and a concession stand. I have visited just about every beach along the gold coast, and I have to say, Bayley Beach is pretty impressive for a small community beach. 

IF you prefer something more private, you can join the Wee Burn Beach Club, which is adjacent to Bayley Beach, in addition to its private membership, it offers a clubhouse, pool and tennis courts.

Another option would be the Roton Point association which is on the other side. The unique thing about the Roton Point association is that it's essentially fractional ownership, and membership is limited.

A lesser known beach option is Crescent Beach, which is available when the tide is out. There is no parking so this beach is best for residents, you might want to jump on your bike and ride here.


Rowayton also has a few micro communities that you may be interested in exploring. Belle island is on the southeastern tip, is a wonderful tight knit community, and sports its own beach and playground.

Another option is Wilson Point, which is a private gated community with security, and it offers larger lots than the rest of Rowayton  

If you are a boater, or want to be one, you have already noticed that there are several options for docking your vessel. 

You will find the Rowayton Yacht Club just north of Belle Island, and the Norwalk Yacht club is located in Wilson Point.


If you are thinking of moving to Rowayton, I would like to work with you. If you aren't ready to call us yet, check out the rest of our website: and grab one of the many guides, maps and checklists that we have created for you. They will save you hundreds of hours of research, and help you make a better choice for you and your family.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Charlie Vinci

Lower Fairfield County Realtor


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Charlie Vinci, the Founder and Lead Agent of the Charlie Vinci Team has become a mainstay in Connecticut’s real estate market, earning accolades as one of the top 3% of realtors within the state. Fueled by a dedication to the success of his clients and an ever-growing assortment of area-specific resources, the business continues to thrive in the constantly evolving real estate marketplace. An informative YouTube presence has been the primary driver/focus for the team, as it has allowed Charlie to engage directly with his audience and provide a consultative approach to an often ambiguous process. Whether an international client seeking relocation to the US or a local homeowner considering the sale of their property, The Charlie Vinci Team has the market knowledge, resources, and expedient level of service that clients not only desire, but deserve.

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