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Considering moving to CT and looking for homes in the $4-6MM range? Our guide below will provide you with the insight needed to decide if Lower Fairfield County CT Real Estate is a fit for you and your family

Hi! If you are new to the blog my name is Charlie Vinci. I’m a Fairfield County Connecticut realtor covering Connecticut’s “Gold Coast”, and my team and I specialize in helping people move to the area.

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Market Overview:

You can spend a ton of time digging around trying to get an idea of what you will get for $4-6MM in the area. Sorting through hundreds, maybe even thousands of past sales to wrap your head around the market, but I doubt you want to burn your time on that.  So today, I’m going to show you not only what you will get in the nine Connecticut “Gold Coast” towns in Lower Fairfield County Connecticut, but I’ll also show you where they typically sell so you don't buy the most expensive home in the neighborhood, and I’ll give you a resource with the most up to date market data and listings in the $4-6MM price bracket.

I have also put together a special market report for each of the towns, you can find those links under the "Relevant Links" section. Those reports are automatically updated with the latest market data and listing information on each town, as well as our raved about town specific buyers guides. Feel free to watch the video first, and then go to the town specific report to find your dream home. We are going to start in Greenwich, let’s go!


If you are shopping in the $4-6MM price range, By far, Greenwich will have the most options. The homes range from older and stately with vintage architectural appeal, to newer and modern with updated decor. 

While a turnkey home is possible in this price range, you may find yourself bringing in designers and contractors to make the home's decor match current trends. If you do, what you will end up with is an architecturally significant home with the craftsmanship and grandeur typically only found in Greenwich.

Waterfront is possible in this price range, although it’s typically a waterfront condo. There have been a few single-family sales, but they tend to be on what I would consider to be direct waterview. At low tide there may be marsh, mud or grass, and access by boat is very limited if not impossible.

In the $4-5MM range, you're going to find homes in nearly every neighborhood, but once you get over about $5MM, you will tend to find them in the waterfront communities south of I-95, as well as in Mid-Country and Back Country. Since you might find your home in many of the neighborhoods, I would recommend watching our latest tour if you think you need a better idea of the town.

In summary, Greenwich will give you the most options, but if you want more home for the money, and you aren't going to the city as much as you used to, one of the other Connecticut “Gold Coast” towns may offer you more home. Prices in Greenwich are higher, with the benefit being that it’s closer to the city, with a forty-five minute train ride to Grand Central Station.

Alright, next let’s take a look at Darien. It’s just a few minutes up the line from Greenwich.  


If you were shopping in both towns, and the inventory was reasonably plentiful, which isn't always the case, you would notice an improvement in the finish quality of the home in this price bracket, compared to Greenwich.

Waterfront options are available in Darien, in the $4-6MM price bracket. One recent sale had good access by boat at all tides, but the house was modest, another recent sale had a private beach. It’s worth noting that Darien waterfront has a different feel than Greenwich waterfront. If you want to know more about waterfront property in the area, I would encourage you to check out our waterfront tours, or, you can email me directly and I’ll send them to you:

Most Darien homes that sold in this price bracket were in the southeast side of Tokeneke, Long Neck Point, and the waterfront areas of Noroton, also called Noroton Neck. Inland, you will also find homes in northern Darien, typically north of the Darien and Wee Burn Country Club. You will notice that homes in northern Darien are likely to have a higher level of finish detail and architectural appeal.

Now we are going north, to explore the town of New Canaan. 

New Canaan:

What New Canaan lacks in waterfront property, it gives back with small town charm. Its town center brings people together by design, and is a wonderful place to live if you want a small town feel with premium amenities. 

Near the town center, the homes are closer together, but if it’s an estate you are after, you will typically find more land and larger homes to the north of town center. Homes tend to be more updated than in Darien or Greenwich. Sales are scattered through town so it’s best to explore our neighborhood tour to get a better idea of the area if you think New Canaan is for you.


All right, next we are moving to Westport. If you are looking for waterfront options, Westport is an excellent choice. About half of the waterfront homes had a dock and were accessible by boat at all tides…some even had a private beach.

Speaking of beaches, there have been several sales that are walkable to the beautiful Compo Beach. Some with very high build quality and architectural detail, and some with water views, but not waterfront in the Compo Beach neighborhood at this price.

If you rather be inland a bit more, you will find that all of the homes in this price range were scattered throughout town, all recent sales had high quality finishes, and most had beautiful architectural detail. Also, If you are looking for new construction, Westport has offered many options in this price range as well.   

If you are seriously considering Greenwich, but are willing to explore a little farther from the city, I would highly encourage you to explore Westport because they have many similar attributes. You can find out Westport tour here.

Norwalk (Rowayton):

Let’s take a look at Norwalk next. All Norwalk sales in this price bracket were waterfront or waterview and most were in Rowayton and Wilson Point, but there were also a few high end waterfront sales to the north east of Calf Pasture Beach

(map:shorehaven rd and on canfield island.) 

Rowayton features smaller lots with the feel of a nautical village, while Wilson Point offers larger lots and gated access. Some homes were accessible by boat or had a private beach, but you will likely give up something in finish quality to get these features. 


Hopping over to Stamford now, you will find that all sales in this price bracket were direct waterfront in Shippan, Dolphin Cove and the southern part of the waterside neighborhood (verify waterside area with Charlie). Homes typically had a high level of finish quality with a beach and/or boat access in all tides. So this is a pretty high quality waterfront, with easy access to the train and a fifty minute train ride to Grand Central Station.

Dolphin Cove is a charming waterfront community with a private beach club and pool, while Shippan offers many small beaches that are private or part of a small community association. 

Fairfield (Southport):

Next we are going to head to Fairfield, Nearly every sale in this price bracket was in Southport, Sasco and the beach neighborhood. Despite being waterfront neighborhoods, the only waterfront sales in this price bracket were in the beach neighborhood. 

Southport is a historic and charming waterfront community often raved about in magazines, with a small village area and stunningly beautiful harbor, while the Sasco neighborhood has a stately presence overlooking the Southport Harbor and the Golf Course that is part of The Country Club of Fairfield. On the other hand, you will find that the beach community often has smaller lots with easy access to a nearly three mile stretch of beach that is one of Connecticut’s best. 

Wilton & Weston:

Alright, let’s move inland. Although there weren't any sales in Wilton, Over in Weston, there have been a few sales, and the homes were spectacular, they were something that you would expect to find in Westport or Greenwich, at two or three times the price. If you want an absolutely amazing home for this price bracket, check out Weston to see if anything is available. 


If you are thinking of moving to Connecticut's “Gold Coast”, I would like to work with you. If you aren't ready to call us yet, check out the rest of our website: and grab one of the many guides, maps and checklists that we have created for you. They will save you hundreds of hours of research, and help you make a better choice for you and your family.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Charlie Vinci

Lower Fairfield County Realtor


About the Author:

Charlie Vinci, the Founder and Lead Agent of the Charlie Vinci Team has become a mainstay in Connecticut’s real estate market, earning accolades as one of the top 3% of realtors within the state. Fueled by a dedication to the success of his clients and an ever-growing assortment of area-specific resources, the business continues to thrive in the constantly evolving real estate marketplace. An informative YouTube presence has been the primary driver/focus for the team, as it has allowed Charlie to engage directly with his audience and provide a consultative approach to an often ambiguous process. Whether an international client seeking relocation to the US or a local homeowner considering the sale of their property, The Charlie Vinci Team has the market knowledge, resources, and expedient level of service that clients not only desire, but deserve.

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