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Considering moving to CT and looking for homes in the $6-8MM range? Our guide below will provide you with the insight needed to decide if Lower Fairfield County CT Real Estate is a fit for you and your family

Hi! If you are new to the blog my name is Charlie Vinci. I’m a Fairfield County Connecticut realtor covering Connecticut’s “Gold Coast”, and my team and I specialize in helping people move to the area.

Be sure to check out our other guides for different price brackets, as well as upcoming waterfront and luxury buyer’s guides. Check out our YouTube channel for those videos and our blog for the articles. You can also find the associated maps and guides mentioned in this article on our website!

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Market Overview:

You can spend a ton of time digging around trying to get an idea of what you will get for $6-8MM in the area, sorting through countless past sales to wrap your head around the market, but I doubt you want to burn your time on that. So today, I’m going to show you not only what you will get in the nine Connecticut “Gold Coast” towns in Lower Fairfield county Connecticut, but I’ll also show you where they typically sell so you don't buy the most expensive home in the neighborhood, and I’ll give you a resource with the most up to date market data and listings in the $6-8MM price bracket.

I have also put together a special market report for each of these towns, you can find those links under the "Relevant Links" section.. Those reports are automatically updated with the latest market data and listing information on each town, as well as our raved about town specific buyers guides. Feel free to watch the video first, and then go to the town specific report to find your dream home. We are going to start in Greenwich, let’s go!


By far, you will have the most options in the $6-8MM bracket in Greenwich. Its quick access to Manhattan and ultra-low property tax has attracted wealthy residents for more than a century, and it’s reflected in the housing stock. 

About a third of the sales were concentrated in the waterfront neighborhoods, south of I-95. In Riverside and Old Greenwich, the homes tended to be in the southern part of the peninsula. Most waterfront sales had limited access by boat at all tides, but if you wanted good boat access, you would likely have better luck over $7MM. Keep in mind that photos are typically taken at high tide, and there may be little to no water at low tide. 

Our Greenwich Neighborhood Tour will give you a good overview of the town, but if you are interested specifically in Riverside and old Greenwich, we have neighborhood specific tours for those.

About two thirds of the homes that sold in Greenwich were inland, in Mid-Country, as well as in Back Country, although the west side of Back Country has been historically void of sales in this price bracket.  If you choose to shop in Mid-Country or Back Country, you are going to find that you typically get a more architecturally significant home and a larger lot. You will also start to see some stone houses in this price bracket, although it’s likely that they need renovation. 


Moving to Darien now. There will typically be a few home sales per year in the $6-8MM range, All sales were near the coast, but not all were direct waterfront. You can get a better understanding of the waterfront neighborhoods in all of these towns by watching our waterfront tours. You can find it on our channel or shoot me a quick email and I will send it to you:

You will typically find Darien homes in this price bracket in the neighborhoods of Long Neck, on Contentment Island and Butlers Island in Tokeneke, and in Noroton Neck, which is in the southern part of Noroton . One really good waterfront property sold on the tip of long neck point. It had excellent access by boat, with a dock, and waterfront pavilion, although the house did need updating.

If you choose to consider waterview properties, rather than waterfront, you will find that they generally had better finish quality and more architectural significance. 

New Canaan:

Next, Let’s take a look at New Canaan. There will typically be about one sale per year in the $6-8MM bracket, and because New Canaan doesn't have property on the Long Island Sound, the one or so sale per year is typically the most expensive sale for the year. You will find that all sales were north of town center, and they tend to have very good finish quality, and were architecturally significant. If you would like to see if New Canaan is a fit for you, you will find our New Canaan tour on our YouTube channel. 


Jumping over to Westport now. Westport typically has a few sales per year in the $6-8MM range. If you are looking inland, they will typically sell in the northernmost part of the Coleytown neighborhood, although it's not unheard of for a home in this price bracket to sell inland in another neighborhood. 

If you are looking for a waterfront property, Westport has some great options. The past sales were along the coast in Saugatuck, in Saugatuck Shore, and on Hall Island which is west of Compo Beach. Most waterfront sales had good access by boat at all tides and/or a beach. 

If being near the water, but not waterfront is acceptable to you, You may also find some really spectacular properties north of Compo Beach and in Greens Farms. If you want to get a better understanding of the neighborhoods in Westport, check out our Westport Neighborhood Tour

Most properties in the $6-8MM bracket are going to sell in Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan and Westport, however, if you really want a spectacular home for this price range, I am guessing you are willing to look a little farther, so let me give you a couple of options.


Considering Stamford now. While there is hardly ever a sale in Stamford in this price range, when something does sell it’s typically the best waterfront money can buy for $6-8MM. The tip of the Shippan Peninsula was one recent sale, and the property was simply breathtaking.


Another option might be Norwalk. All recent sales in this price bracket were waterfront in the neighborhoods of Rowayton, Wilson Point, and to the northeast of Calf Pasture Beach in Shorehaven and Canfield Island. It’s also worth noting that one of the Norwalk islands, Tavern Island, also sold in this price bracket, and this is a rare find indeed.


Now what If you are willing to consider Fairfield… There may be some great options in Sasco, the beach neighborhood, and in Greenfield Hill. Sasco has breathtaking water views over the golf course that belongs to the Country Club of Fairfield, but Sasco homes aren't typically waterfront. If you want waterfront in Fairfield in this price bracket, it’s most likely that you will find it in the beach neighborhood. 


If you are thinking of moving to Connecticut's “Gold Coast”, I would like to work with you. If you aren't ready to call us yet, check out the rest of our website: and grab one of the many guides, maps and checklists that we have created for you. They will save you hundreds of hours of research, and help you make a better choice for you and your family.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Charlie Vinci

Lower Fairfield County Realtor


About the Author:

Charlie Vinci, the Founder and Lead Agent of the Charlie Vinci Team has become a mainstay in Connecticut’s real estate market, earning accolades as one of the top 3% of realtors within the state. Fueled by a dedication to the success of his clients and an ever-growing assortment of area-specific resources, the business continues to thrive in the constantly evolving real estate marketplace. An informative YouTube presence has been the primary driver/focus for the team, as it has allowed Charlie to engage directly with his audience and provide a consultative approach to an often ambiguous process. Whether an international client seeking relocation to the US or a local homeowner considering the sale of their property, The Charlie Vinci Team has the market knowledge, resources, and expedient level of service that clients not only desire, but deserve.

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