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This... is Darien Connecticut. We are going to explore the available options for Darien CT when there is low inventory, so you can make the best decision for you and your family

Hi, my name is Charlie Vinci. I am a Darien CT Realtor, and my realty team and I specialize in helping buyers understand what living in Darien CT entails and how to relocate to the area.

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So you think the beautiful town of Darien is a great fit for your family, but you aren’t finding what you are looking for. Everyone has a unique set of criteria, and after shopping for a little while our clients tend to learn what’s really important. Perhaps it’s more waterfront options you are after, the shortest possible train commute to Grand Central, Maybe the homes aren't big enough or in good enough condition, or it’s just a better home for the money that you are after. Regardless of your criteria, I have options for you.

Darien CT - Low Inventory Tips:

If it’s luxury waterfront that you are after, the entire Connecticut Gold Coast has a host of options from the charming village area of Rowayton in Norwalk, to the picturesque waterfront estates in Southport in Fairfield, and we can’t forget about the stunningly beautiful waterfront estates in Old Greenwich and Riverside. You have a seemingly unlimited number of options.

If you haven't already seen them, we have neighborhood tours for most of the towns mentioned here. I would recommend watching/reading those next, and be sure to check out the rest of my website and grab our maps, guides and checklists. They are going to make your life a whole lot easier.

So, what if it’s not the waterfront that you are after, but you are looking for a more updated home for the money. If you like the low taxes in Darien, check out New Canaan. New Canaan also has premium amenities like great shopping, parks and restaurants, along with a small town feel, and you will notice your dollar goes farther, with the trade off being a longer train commute to Manhattan.

If you are thinking of purchasing over $4MM, you will also benefit from our Gold Coast Luxury Buyers Guide because these homes have their own unique market characteristics and you need to be aware of them before buying. Again, head over to our channel or shoot me an email for those.

If you want a more updated home, but it’s the shortest possible commute that's important to you, try exploring Stamford. Although the taxes are higher than Darien, you will get more home for your housing cost along with a cool hip city vibe and all the culture that comes along with it including a plethora of dining and entertainment options as well as an excellent train station. 

Now, what if you want the best public school system? While I am limited on what I can say about the schools, I have compiled the information so that you can make the right decision for your family. I have done this for you in the town comparison section of our Darien Buyers Guide, you will find it at the link on the screen. What I can say is that if it’s highly rated public schools that you are after you have plenty of options in the area. 

So what if you need extra space for an office, more bedrooms or bathrooms, or just need a larger home for your family, try the towns of New Cannan, Wilton and Weston because they consistently average more square footage for a fixed price.


When you are thinking of buying or selling in Darien, I would like to work with you. 

If you aren’t ready yet, head over to my website and grab the maps, guides and checklists that we have created for you. They will save you hundreds of hours of research and help you make a better decision for you and your family.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Charlie Vinci

Darien CT Realtor


About the Author:

Charlie Vinci, the Founder and Lead Agent of the Charlie Vinci Team has become a mainstay in Connecticut’s real estate market, earning accolades as one of the top 3% of realtors within the state. Fueled by a dedication to the success of his clients and an ever-growing assortment of area-specific resources, the business continues to thrive in the constantly evolving real estate marketplace. An informative YouTube presence has been the primary driver/focus for the team, as it has allowed Charlie to engage directly with his audience and provide a consultative approach to an often ambiguous process. Whether an international client seeking relocation to the US or a local homeowner considering the sale of their property, The Charlie Vinci Team has the market knowledge, resources, and expedient level of service that clients not only desire, but deserve.

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